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Much more than just a dorm

  • individuality
  • community
  • participation

housing from 290 Euros / month

Alway there for you –
All our dorms will stay opened and will not be affected by lockdown measurements

4 reasons for a dormitory room from WIHAST

prices incl. all additional costs (electricity, heating, …)

living close to universities

common and recreational facilities


a strong community



than just a roof over your head

Our houses are not only offering a roof over your head, were also encouraging the social life as a community. Several common and recreational facilities are offering you great chances to spend your free time. In the sense of democratic participation, they are organized in the framework of spokesperson committees (ger.: Heimvertretung), elected by the residents. In that way you have the chance to co-determine whats going on in your house.

more than 3200 beds

15 dormitories

in Vienna, Wr. Neustadt & St. Pölten

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you!